Things to Look for in a Pharmacy

Things to Look for in a Pharmacy

Things to Look for in a Pharmacy

Things to Look for in a Pharmacy

Finding a great pharmacy is just as important as choosing a good doctor for anyone who needs to fill prescriptions. Because the pharmacy you choose can have a significant impact on both your bank account and your health. So how do you know which one is best for you? Your experience will be determined by your specific prescriptions and family situation, but there are some key elements that will separate you from the crowd.

1. Affordability

Avoiding overpaying for prescriptions is the best way to keep your bank account as healthy as you. Many people believe that the same prescriptions must have the same price wherever they are picked up, but there are significant differences between pharmacies. And, because pharmacies do not advertise their prices in the same way that car dealerships do, it is difficult to predict what the bill will show until it arrives.

At least, that has been the status quo for some time. With its Rx for Less feature, Walmart+ is attempting to change this. Certain prescriptions, such as those for blood pressure, diabetes, and mental health, are available to members at no cost. Even if you do not require treatment for any of these conditions, you can expect to save up to 85 percent regardless of the medication you use.

Of course nothing is more important than your health, but that doesn’t mean you should spend all your money maintaining it.

2. Convenience

So we’ve covered that filling your prescriptions shouldn’t require all your money. It also shouldn’t take up all your time. That’s why it’s so important to find a pharmacy that’s close to you.

3. Versatility

In addition to being able to pick up your prescription wherever you go, you can also speed up the process with mobile scan and go. And since you’ll be grabbing your medication from the same place you shop for groceries and other must-have items, you can knock out multiple chores in one trip. That removes the hassle of driving between the grocery store and pharmacy—and saves you money while you run any other errands, since your Walmart+ membership allows you to get five cents of every gallon of fuel from Walmart & Murphy stations. Signing up really helps you stack up the savings, in terms of both time and money.

4. Organization

Obviously it’s important that a pharmacy is organized with its records and medications, since keeping everything in order will make the transaction a quick and smooth process. But your pharmacy should go beyond that level of organization and help you keep track of all the info related to your prescriptions, such as your member ID and bin number. Walmart+ does it all by giving members access to a digital savings card that you can access on your computer and phone.

Even if you already have insurance, you can still take advantage of the savings card benefit if the pricing is better. Simply request the Walmart pharmacy to provide you with the out-of-pocket costs for each payment option so you can decide which option is right for you. The pharmacy associate is there to provide everything you need to make an informed choice.

5. Accessibility

At the best pharmacies, the process feels more like buying a new toothbrush than going to a doctor’s appointment, without all the paperwork and headaches the latter typically entails. Walmart+ simplifies the exchange with the same digital savings card that we mentioned above. All you need to do after entering the pharmacy is show the technician your phone and they’ll be all set to fill your prescription.

To put it simply, you want a pharmacy that makes your medication inexpensive and easy to access.

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